June 8, 2019

Anna Vissi Tour 2019

We’re super excited about this year’s return of Anna Vissi! And we’re back at our old haunt – The Bellevue in Bankstown!

Anna is ready to to entertain you and she’s still got it! 40-year career, covered in platinum and she just keeps evolving and going. She has twenty five Greek albums, one English, two live albums, two operas, a musical, eleven collections, has been a part of twenty three different album collections, two music DVDs, more than seventy nominations and last but not least forty eight awards!

Check out the floorplan below and get ready for when tickets go ON SALE! Hope you’re as excited as we are.
Bellevue Anna Vissi floorplan and ticket prices

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June 8, 2019




2-10 Restwell St, Bankstown


The Bellevue Venue